Art in 20 minutes, possible?

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I was pleasantly surprised to see beautiful paintings being created in front of a large crowd in just 20 minutes at a recent Art Battle Vancouver event.  Although I don’t see art as part of “competitive sports”, the event was exciting and the creative energy in the room was exuberant.


Striking a balance – paintings by Cy Twombly

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I like contemporary abstract art.  I must have seen hundreds if not thousands of abstract paintings both in person and online.  However, not that many paintings are simple yet colourful, provoking yet calm and chaotic yet balanced.  American painter Cy Twombly was able to consistently create many large-scale pieces with all these conflicting qualities through out his whole career.  Sometime I think I can doodle something that simple but I don’t think I can strike such a balance that evokes excitement.



Stunning Cabinet, Visually and Narratively

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I wasn’t keen about starting a blog until I came across a photo of this stunning piece, the Engineering Temporality cabinet by  Studio Markunpoika in Amsterdam. The cabinet is both visually beautiful and intriguing. The curiosity of how it was made led me to the story of why it was created. Once I learned the narrative behind the creation, I immediately developed a deep connection. This is my inspiration piece for the blog.

Engineering Temporality was Tuomas Markunpoika’s graduation project from Design Academy Eindhoven in Netherlands. Now, the whole collection includes a chair, a chandelier and table lamps. You can enjoy the story and his thesis behind the design and creation on his website.

cargo_cabinet_collage 72dpi_700-2 cargo_chair_collage_72dpi_700-2cargo_Chandelier-Shadows 72dpi_700-2 cargo_candle-lamp_700

(Photos used with permission by Tuomas Markunpoika, owner of Studio Markunpoika)

Surprising Transformation – Wall Mural

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I usually have a strong preference for abstract art; however, when I saw a local mural artist transformed these walls at the corner of Granville and 12th, my heart skipped a beat as if I saw the peony petals coming alive vividly.  The mural was created by a local muralist, Stefano Piccone.