3 gallery openings, 3 Different crowds










It’s been a wonderful week with 3 gallery opening visits.  First was Rebecca Chaperon’s opening at Initial Gallery, second Chad Patrick Murray at Robert Lynds Gallery and third, Gabryel Harrison and Rimi Yang at Winsor Gallery. Gabryel’s work is the current exhibition but all guests also got to see Rimi Yang’s work at the same time, at a different section of the gallery.

Art is as much a visual concept as an emotional connection for some.  Thus, not all gallery openings create the same feelings and excitement.  First, the space between the guests, the artworks and the installations needs to strike a balance.  Ideally, it is crowded but still allows everyone to enjoy the artworks and roam around.  Then, the diversity in the crowd also requires a sensible balance of other artists, friends and families of the artist, collectors and other art lovers.   For some, when the balance is right, an gallery opening could be stimulating, cultural and social. Sometimes meeting and talking with interesting people are just as exciting as seeing the exhibition.

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