How I soft launch a dream and leave my corporate finance world?

alice yang-3.5 Scape 2010
(Painting by Seoul based artist, Alice Yang.

Last year, I left my decent paying job in corporate finance as a result of some health scares. After years of “killing” myself for someone else’s dream and after seeing my dad leaving the world without fulfilling his, I decided to pursue my own dream and passion. It is not easy. It may be easier to keep doing my job and have a comfortable life. But being comfortable is dangerous when you want to learn and grow.

I jumped with two feet into pursuing my dream. I have to admit that the journey has been scary and challenging. When I face challenges and fear, I remind myself that challenges are exactly what I’m looking for.   Learning and being challenged everyday can be so fulfilling. With a good “eye” for art, a solid business background and a strong will, there will be a way.

On February 1, 2015 midnight, I will soft launch a curated online art gallery, Love It Art I’d love to hear your comments. Also, what are your dreams and what will you do about them?


One city, Two Tales – Which one speaks to you?






Two very different exhibitions – one is vibrant, colourful and abstract, by Vancouver artist Jonathan Syme and the other, reflecting, imitating and representing Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death by Vancouver artist Michael Edward Miller.  Which work speaks to you more?  Which one will you buy as an investment?  Which one will you buy for the art’s sake?